2013 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting

The 2012 Gulf of Maine heatwave: anomalous year or the new normal? 

October 8, 2013           

Holiday Inn, 300 Woodbury Ave (at the traffic circle) Portsmouth, NH


The 2013 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting will look back at 2012, a remarkable year in the  Gulf of Maine.  According to NOAA, 2012 was the warmest year ever in the Gulf and over a broad swath of the North Atlantic, and the high temperatures impacted the physical conditions, biological processes, animal distributions, and fisheries in the region.  This meeting will attempt to synthesize the causes and consequences of the 2012 “ocean heat wave” and consider what lessons we can take from 2012 about how the Gulf of Maine will change in the coming century.

Meeting organizer : Andy Pershing,  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

RARGOM Chair : Kevin Friedland, National Marine Fisheries Service, Narragansett, RI 


The one day meeting will feature two keynote speakers tba:

The meeting is intended to be of general interest to a broad range of researchers, managers and stakeholders in the Gulf of Maine region.

If interested in presenting a contributed talk or poster on new, old or developing research, please follow the format requirement attached / below and

submit to Lynn.rutter321@gmail.com

by Wednesday, August 21st

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The Registration period (for the October 8th meeting) is:

August 15th – September 30th

Registration fees are $45 for participants from RARGOM member institutions and

$65 for non-members.  Student registration is $30

Lunch and morning and afternoon snacks and beverages will be provided



2013 Annual Science Meeting
Abstract Submission Format



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October 8th                  Talk or Poster presentation RARGOM annual science meeting


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Andy Pershing



University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Using Climate Variability to Diagnose How

Marine Ecosystems Work and How They Will Change

Ecological experiments are notoriously difficult to perform on planktonic communities due to the large scale and open nature of the ocean. However, climate variability alters the physical environment on scales large enough to affect multiple ecosystems simultaneously….