2013 Annual Science Meeting Agenda and Presentations

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Start Agenda Speaker
8:30 WELCOME and Introductions, Kevin Friedland, Lynn Rutter, Andrew Pershing Introduction
9:00 Warm ocean temperatures in the Canadian northwest Atlantic in 2012 and short-term ecosystem response Catherine Johnson
9:40 Diagnosing the Warming of the Northeastern U.S. Coastal Ocean in 2012 Ke Chen
9:55 2012 - the most anomalously warm year observed by the NERACOOS Gulf of Maine buoy array since deployment in 2001 J. Ruairidh Morrison
10:10 The “year without a summer”: a historical perspective on climate change, spatial scale and coastal fisheries Ben Carr
10:25 BREAK  
11:05 Spring bloom dynamics in the Gulf of Maine: the extreme bloom of 2012 only outdone by the bloom of 2013 Kevin Friedland
11:20 Sustained abundance of Calanus finmarchicus in the western Gulf of Maine, despite record warm temperatures in 2012 Jeffrey Runge
11:35 Unusual winter mortality in multiple Atlantic seabird species Tony Diamond
11:50 Rapid ocean warming in the Bay of Fundy, Canada and potential biological implications Heather Koopman
12:05 The 2012 northwest Atlantic heat wave as an impetus for climate change adaptation planning in fisheries management Katherine E. Mills
12:20 LUNCH  
1:50 Sifting the signal from the noise: new techniques for detecting and predicting regime shifts Les Kaufman
2:30 How smart ocean planning can help respond to changing marine ecosystems Susan Little Olcott
2:45 Connecting the dots between surface productivity and the rest of Stellwagen Bank: one step towards ecosystem-based management of a coastal marine environment Marta Ribera
3:00 Impact of the warming of 2012 on shelf and slope hydrography and fish distributions north of Cape Hatteras Glen Gawarkiewicz
3:15 BREAK  
3:55 A Shell-Based Record of Spring Seawater Temperatures since AD 1762 from the Central Gulf of Maine (Sequin Island): Challenges and Opportunities in Using Paleodata in Modern Climate Studies Alan Wanamaker
4:10 Response of Cobscook Bay fishes to an anomalously warm year, 2012 Jeffrey Vieser
4:25 The Effects of Warm Water on Nesting Success of Atlantic Puffins in the Gulf of Maine Stephen Kress
4:40 Impact of the 2012 Gulf of Maine Heatwave: Market Integration and Price Transmission of Maine and Canadian Lobster Jenny Sun
4:45 The View from the Dock: The impact of climate change on Gulf of Maine fishing communities Jonathan Labaree


Poster Session Author
A Climate of Change- Climate Change and New England Fisheries Susie Arnold
NW Atlantic Ocean Observing System – World’s Most Extensive Acoustic Telemetry
Lenore Bajona
Lobsters use rockweed habitat in the intertidal zone at night Robin Hadlock Seeley
Tests for sustainability in rockweed harvesting Robin Hadlock Seeley
Linking Wind and Surface Salinity Fluctuation on the Northwest Atlantic Shelf:
Mechanism and Implications
Yun Li (presented by
Rubao Ji)
Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps (eMOLT): 2012 results and an update on the
Jim Manning
The influence of the non-native alga Heterosiphonia japonica on Subtidal Flora and
Fauna in the Gulf of Maine
Sarah McCormack
Acoustically-derived zooplankton time series from the GoMOOS buoys Nicholas Record
Birders Collaborating with Marine Biologists: Maximizing the Synergies Thomas Robben
Integrated Sentinel Monitoring for Climate Change in the Northeast Region Jeffrey Runge
The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network Joseph Salisbury
The Odds of an Anomalous Year: the likelihood of an ocean heat wave in the Northwest
Hillary Scannell
Remotely monitoring marsh erosion and subsidence Juliet Simpson
Promoting climate change awareness and adaptive planning in Atlantic fisheries
communities using participatory vulnerability analysis, mapping, and systems dynamic
Esperanza Stancioff
Climate Change and Epizootic Shell Disease in American Lobsters (Homarus
americanus): Influences of Winter Sea Temperatures on Incidence Rates
Michael Stephens
Accessing the Gulf of Maine’s Climate Change Data Through Webtools Christine M. Tilburg
Seabirds as Indicators of Ecosystem Change in the Gulf of Maine Linda Welch
Species identification of hake fishes of the Gulf of Maine Laura Whitefleet-Smith
Incorporating Salt Marsh Pools into our Understanding of Salt Marsh Geomorphology:
Lessons from Maine Salt Marshes
Kristin Wilson